Dress-Up Your Salad With These Quirky Dressings

The Delicious salad is good for health and the Recipe is quite simple and easy. A salad is consumed during lunch, dinner. It’s a healthy option to go with to maintain your health. Salads are undoubtedly the most healthy and convenient meals to have

A South Indian Feast By Vanakkam Foods

Give the Best healthy and Nutritious to your loved Ones with Great Indian vegetarian breakfast recipes. It’s time for show your love to your family with Vanakkam foods by home chef Anjali Aruldas with the Great taste of South Indian vegetarian breakfast.  

Sip On These Easy Homemade Cocktails Over The Weekend

Want some refreshment at home? No worry here is the best refreshment Homemade Cocktails to make your weekend full of refreshment with Sip on These Easy Homemade Cocktails by Nishita Chandra here are cocktail drink recipes Margarita, Dark N Stormy, Manhattan, Gin And Tonic, and Vodka Martini.

India’s Top Chefs Have Their Say On The Momo Ban

When it comes to talking about Momo, I have the best word to describe it Its Most Delicious and mouth-watering bun feel with the most Delicious Herbs and species. It’s a healthy evening snack recipe. It’s traditional, momo is prepared with ground/minced meat filling, but over the past several years, this has changed and the…