Schezwan Fried Rice

Chinese food is one of the favourite foreign cuisines in India. Schezwan Fried Rice is the most popular and mouth-watering dish from Chines cuisine served in India as snacks, side dish and in main course meal and the recipe quick and easy. Schezwan Fried Rice is all called as Desi Chinese Schezwan Fried Rice.

Paneer Chilli

Make Restaurant style Paneer Chilli at home with Desi Chinese Paneer Chilli Recipe. It is the best and most delicious vegetarian dish to serve as a starter to your guest during party time.  To make it at home you just need Paneer Chilli Masala, Paneer Cubes, Diced Vegetables, Green Chilli and Spring onion for garnishing….

Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian is Desi Chinese or an Indo-Chinese Gobi Manchurian street food item popular in India. The recipe is Quick and Easy Gobi Manchurian. The Taste is Super Delicious and aroma is wow-some. It is the best Starter for Party time with family and loved ones. The Ingredient to make Desi Chinese Gobi Manchurian is…

Dragon Vegetables

Make most famous Chinese Dragon Vegetables in Indian Style. Dragon Vegetables is very spicy and tangy flavour of Indo Chinese Cuisine.   It’s a type of salad Wish is served as a snack and one can eat it with main course meal. The recipe for Dragon Vegetables is easy and quick to make.


Kimchi is Korean Dish Mostly served as a salad during Mealtime. Its Quick and Easy Salad Kimchi Recipe. Kimchi is very delicious salad you can eat it. Chings Secret has adopted the way of cooking style and made Indian version Kimchi with common Indian herbs and spices.

Schezwan Corn Cheese Balls By Harpal

Schezwan Corn Cheese Balls by Harpal is an easy and quick recipe, the vegetarian snack that’s tasty and mouth-watering. To make Schezwan Corn Cheese Balls at home you need few ingredients, which is easily available in local marketing.

Dragon Paneer Chilli

Dragon Paneer Chilli is the one of the greatest food of Indochinese Cuisines. Dragon Paneer Chilli made with a verity of mixed vegetable Deep fry with Paneer. The taste Dragon Paneer Chilli is wow-some and mouth-watering.

Singapore Instant Noodles

Singapore Instant Noodles is favourite among all Noodle-Lovers. The flavour exactly suits your taste. Tasty spicy noodles have the best flavour of Indochinese cuisine is the best combination. Whenever you feel bored or hungry you go with Singapore Instant Noodles which is one of the best-flavoured noodles. The taste of Singapore Instant Noodles is the best and Noodles are non-sticky too.

Hot Garlic Instant Noodles

Hot Garlic Instant Noodle with Indochinese taste. It’s a delicious dish you can choose Hot Garlic Instant Noodle to fulfil your hunger. It’s a Healthy Snacks for food lovers. Hot Garlic Noodles is Spicy and hot having Unique Combination of Garlic with Noodles.

Crispy Fried Schezwan Potatoes

  Crispy Fried Schezwan Potatoes Recipe is easy and quick to make. You can feed it as Snacks, Side dish, and even in main course meal. Crispy Fried Schezwan Potatoes is Yummy in taste with a great aroma of Schezwan. It’s a Simple Vegetarian dish you can make it at home with few ingredients. The Recipes for Crispy Fried Schezwan Potatoes is…

Schezwan Sandwich

  Make a perfect sandwich for those who love to eat it. Schezwan Sandwich is most preferable sandwich by food lover for its unique taste, unlike other regular sandwiches. Recipe for Schezwan Sandwich is Simple and fast to make. It can serve as a snack, side dish and even in a light meal. It’s a…

Schezwan Poha

Poha is an Indian dish it’s famous for its classic taste in Indian cuisine, its served in Breakfast, snacks and even as the side dish. Chef Harpal made Indian classic Poha more Tasters adding it with Schezwan, which is most famous Chutney in Chinese cuisine. Fusion of Indian Poha with Chinese Schezwan called as Schezwan Poha. Schezwan Poha Recipe…